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Meet Amanda Chevarie.

The design-savvy magician who effortlessly blends her passions for interior design and real estate into a harmonious symphony of home transformations and dream fulfillments.

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The Full Story

Born and raised in the vibrant city of Mississauga, Ontario, Amanda has always had an extraordinary passion for all things home. From rearranging furniture in her childhood bedroom to selling homemade pillows to her classmates at recess, her journey as a real estate agent & interior designer was destined from the start.

With an infectious enthusiasm for creating captivating spaces and a knack for finding the perfect home for each unique client, Amanda brings dreams to life in the realms of aesthetics and property transactions. Armed with a vivid imagination and a gift for transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, she's determined to make your home dreams a reality. Your living room will reflect your story, your kitchen will celebrate your culinary adventures, and your bedroom will wrap you in a serene embrace.

Painting Wall

If we're being honest...

When not expertly balancing paint swatches and scouting for the next hidden gem in the real estate market, you can find Amanda fueling her caffeine addiction at local coffee shops, lounging on the couch cuddling her pups, or sipping on wine at a patio with her hubby.

Amanda's Vision

Get ready to embark on a journey where style meets substance, and where laughter and impeccable design go hand in hand. Welcome to Amanda's world, where homes become extraordinary and smiles are the greatest measure of success.

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